Roof Replacement

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Have you noticed your shingles with curled edges and cracked marks? Are your asphalt roofing shingles with missing granules? Did you see your neighbours started to replace their roof?  These are all the signs of planning to have your roofs replaced. 

Switching Roofs
Tiling a Roof
New Construction Roof

About this service

D Masters Roofing has the experience and expertise in new roofing applications to ensure your new construction meets all standards, providing you with a quality product and a solid reward on your investment. 


We have a very similar new construction roof standard with our strict re-roofing protocol. That means we may turn away some jobs if the builders only expect us to cheap things out. Roof is a roof, we consider it as a piece of art when it’s completed by our crews, no matter if it has already found its owner who is going to live under it or not.


It is also important for the builders to understand the 2006 Alberta Building and Fire code changes - High Intensity Residential Fires (HIRF). The property line will affect how the soffits and roofs are installed. Air intake vents should be taken into the consideration. Over half of the roofs built after the year of 2006 we inspected were either short of or did not have proper air intake vents installed on the roof to meet the roof ventilation code. 


We understand the timeline is important for the developers/builders.  Job site organization and respect with other trades on site are also what we value ourselves in D Masters Roofing. 

Roof Repair

About this service

Unlike most of the interior damage in your property, roof damage usually requires immediate attention as it may cause further loss to you. 


For each roof repair, our roofers will send a before and after photos report to show you exactly what we have done to fix the problem. This not only proves our work, but also educates you on the various components of your roofing system so you are better prepared for next time. 

Fixing the Roof
Emergency Repair

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Natural disasters can happen, we offer emergency services as long as weather permits.