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About Us

D Masters Roofing was founded by a former international student immigrated from China with strong scientific background intended bringing the hardcore infrastructure spirit to Western Canada.  Efficient, perseverance, solid and innovative are all the characteristics that can define D Masters Roofing.  


We came into the traditional roofing industry not to prove, but bring the best possible roofing experience it can be to all Edmontonians. 

Meet The Team


Fengyan Liu


Fengyan Liu came to Canada after receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology from Wuhan University in China. With full funding from Toxicology Center in University of Saskatchewan, he received his Masters Degree in Toxicology.  Worked as a milker in town of Dalmeny, started his professional career as a part time lab assistant and logistic person in Dynacare Forensic Toxicology Department in Edmonton, he eventually succeed to lead the North America’s first Instrumented Initial Testing Facilities (IITF)’s overall operation as a Responsible Person / Manager in Forensic Toxicology before he decided to dive into the  roofing and construction world. 


With a track record of solid steps in the academic and corporate business field, Fengyan’s mission in the Roofing industry is pure and simple - providing the best possible and affordable roofing service for the end users, from the beginning to the end. 


Fengyan likes to spend his free time reading, doing backyard work, playing chess with his kids and cheering for his kids’ hockey teams (glad hockey and roofing have opposite seasons in Canada!).


Bolin Zhu 

Director of Opertions

Bolin Zhu worked as a Gas Station Manager after he received his post secondary diploma in Finance. He thereafter found his passion in the construction field in Roofing and Plumbing. Bolin finally landed in the roofing industry to be a professional roofer in 2011.  He is the pioneer professional roofer in the Edmonton Mandarin speaking Chinese community. Bolin also brought his leadership experiences from the manufacturing sector to D Masters Roofing & Construction Ltd. He was the founding managing director of Eagle Glass manufacturing Ltd, Zambia. 


With thousands of roofing projects done under his leadership, Bolin’s focus is always on completing the projects with confidence for the house owner and the job site crews. Helping the customers to understand how the roofing systems are working is something Bolin always enjoys to share. What sets Bolin apart from the other roofing operation leaders is his mindset of completing every project like for a roof he’s going to live under. Excellence is the only expectation he sets for himself and the crews. Reliable, accountable, and technical like no other. See you on the roof!


In his free time, you will often find Bolin touring with his Ram truck around the Rocky Mountain national parks in the wildness. Walking in the rain is his favorite part of life. 

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